my story: finding health & happiness

After the birth of my 5th child I began to develop some serious health struggles that impacted our entire family. My physical and emotional health was completely out of balance, leaving me a shadow of myself. I spent much of my days parenting from the couch, just surviving the hours until bedtime when I could crawl back under the covers. I would wake up from a full night of sleep just to count down the minutes until I could go back to bed. Dragging myself to the coffee pot morning, afternoon and evening just to keep my eyes open. Anxious thoughts and an overwhelming dark cloud followed me around, stealing the joy of motherhood that I so desperately wanted to feel. Struggling with weight, abnormal bloodwork results, chained to my medicine cabinet, and a constant feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I was empty and out of balance.

I knew that nothing would change if nothing changed.

So I began my journey of health and happiness. My doctor shared that all of my health struggles were centered in poor gut health and that I needed to address the root problem, not just the symptoms. I did all the research and product comparison, choosing plant based supplements that focus on gut health, blood sugar balance, inflammation and nutrient absorption.

Over time, I remember the dark cloud and anxious feelings faded away. My smile returned as I began to enjoy my days again. Before long I wasn’t chained to my coffee pot all day, no longer needing caffeine and sugar to keep my eyes open. In fact, I now wake up rested and have energy lasting the entire day. I now celebrate with perfect doctor appointments and bloodwork results and no more prescriptions.

My kids have their momma back.

We now have nine children, three of which we have adopted. Several of my them have significant special needs and I know that I would not have been able to meet their needs best as an exhausted, overwhelmed, unhealthy mom. Because I invested in my own health, I now can pour out to my family from an overflowing cup. I am no longer sacrificing myself on the altar of motherhood, but rather am able to give abundantly to the people in my life.

My husband and children have all gone on to take the products and we’ve truly found our entire family restored from the inside out.
I’m forever grateful for all of the blessings that Plexus has brought in to my life. I invite you to begin your journey towards better health and I can’t wait to see how it blesses your life.


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